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Sand Blasting

Over time, just about any household or commercial material is going to degrade and get dirty. Metal surfaces will eventually rust, whilst automotive equipment can accumulate with lubricant and oil. Trying to clean and maintain these with a normal cleaning method, isn’t going to be sufficient. However, if you were to make use of our industrial sandblasting method, you could find that any surface at all, can be made to look bright and new again. Give us a call, for our professional service, and make sure you are doing the most for your difficult-to-clean surfaces.

What is Sand Blasting?
Sandblasting is a performance method of cleaning. Making use of professional equipment, it is a process that you can only find in a trained and licensed team, like ourselves. It is what is known as an abrasion blasting process, involving very fine grains of sand and a high-pressure nozzle, to eject them. At rapid speeds, these will be propelled onto a surface and will be able to remove any hard to clean patches. It works by loosening and dislodging particles of things like rust or oil, so they are unable to stay bound to the material. This is one of the most effective ways to do any serious cleaning and is able to restore just about any type of material.

Surface Smoothing
On just about any sort of material, carefully using the sandblasting process is going to leave behind a smoother surface. By using the right thickness of sand, the continuous blast is going to wear down any rougher areas, until the entire surface is consistent. Whilst that would be great on its own, it actually helps to facilitate better painting. That is typically done on metal surfaces, however, would be beneficial in a number of circumstances. Either way, it is going to mean a more even and higher quality painting job, when it comes to it.

Rust Removal
Rust never looks good on any metal structure. Equally, if it is left without anything being done about it, it is going to degrade the metal, until it can no longer be used. You wouldn’t want that to happen to any metal product and so, employing sandblasting services is going to be the best thing you could do. It will be able to grind away any tough rust, leaving behind a clear and healthy metal surface. And, most importantly, it is going to look just as bright as it did when it was first made.

Oil and Grease Removal
In automobiles, machinery and tools, oil and grease is necessary to keep them running smoothly. But over time, that grease starts to collect and build, which will eventually slow down the performance of the machine. You could try your best to clean this yourself but oil is notoriously hard to be removed. That is at least, if you aren’t making use of our quality sandblasting service. We will be able to make light work of any grease deposits, removing them with ease and effectiveness.

Cleaning any surface is going to make it look brighter and better. However, tough staining and wear can sometimes be more difficult to clean away, meaning space stays looking less than its best. You will need something a little bit more heavy-duty that can get the job done in this case.

Sandblasting is an effective way of shaping and smoothing different surfaces, especially metal. It is similar to rubbing down a surface with sandpaper to give it a smooth finish. However, sandblasting is more effective. Sandblasting helps to reach the nooks and crannies. Sand is rough, and it is this property that helps to smoothen other surfaces. When rubbed against other surfaces, the coarse particles of the sand will remove the top layer of the material or at least some of it. This reveals a smooth texture underneath, perfect for painting on or coating with powder.

The sandblasting process works through three main parts, the abrasive, an air compressor, and a blaster nozzle. The technique uses compressed air to propel sand through a blaster nozzle onto a surface. Professionals can adjust the intensity of the blast to achieve the desired result. A professional will pour sand into the sandblasting machine. The technician will then connect the blaster to an air compressor. When activated, the compressor will shoot sand through a hand-held nozzle. The pressure of the sand lies between 50 and 130 pounds per square inch (PSI). We often use sandblasting on concrete. Once the concrete dries after pouring, we use sandblasting to remove any excess material on the concrete. This makes it smoother, ideal for painting on and even applying wallpaper.

Advantages of Sandblasting

Sandblasting is a finishing process, and here are some of the advantages of using this process.

If you have a wide area to clean or cleanse the top layer, then you will benefit from sandblasting. Sandblasting is quite fast when a professional does it. You could spend hours smoothing or cleaning a surface by hand. This work would compete much faster with a sandblaster.

One of the most important reasons why we use sandblasting as a finishing process is that it cleans. Sandblasting is a great way to clean dirt, remove rust, and even get rid of oil from the surface of any type of material. We even use sandblasting to get rid of graffiti from concrete walls.

Scraping old paint by hand could take you ages. However, with sandblasting, it is a matter of minutes. It is handy if you are on a time limit. Business owners looking to renovate and be back in business in a short time will benefit from sandblasting to remove old paint. It is effective and fast.

Sandblasting does not require the use of heavy and loud machinery. It is easy to do, and if you need the use of some part of the building, you can have it. This convenience is especially useful to businesses that need to keep running while sandblasting activities go on. You won’t disrupt customers with big and heavy machinery.

At Missoula MT Painting Company, we can facilitate even the most complex cleaning needs through our sandblasting service. If you are trying to take rust off of metal, clean the chalking off your tiles or simply roughen a wooden surface for painting, sandblasting will undoubtedly be your best choice.