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Log Home and Wood Staining

We all know how cozy and warm log homes feel. They have a timeless look to them, which is always going to look great. But sometimes, it is nice to be able to put your own touch on it and start to make it really feel like home. At the same time, you want to be able to best protect the wooden material, so that it stays strong and lasts you a longer time. The same can be said for wooden structures and surfaces, such as decks and floors. To be able to achieve all of these things, you should be making the addition of high-quality wood paints and stains. These will be able to produce a premium aesthetic and guarantee it stays in great condition, for many years to come.

Log Home Painting

Adding a thoughtful bit of paint to your log cabin could improve the aesthetics greatly, but it needs to be properly applied, using the right materials. That is why, it is highly recommended to use our professional services, to guarantee the quality and longevity of the job. We start off any log home painting process by priming the surface. This will allow the paint to bind easier, as well as protecting the wooden material from moisture or damage. Then, we will use one of our specialist paints, in the color of your choosing.

Specialized Paints

It is absolutely essential for you to be using the specialized paints in our arsenal. A poor and everyday paint will allow moisture to get into the wood, won’t protect its surface and could potentially lead to early rotting or decay. On the other hand, our industry quality ones will actively defend against moisture passing through them and will be highly durable. We tend to use an eggshell paint, so we can ensure these properties and produce a satisfying color coating.

Wood Surface Staining

You may prefer the classic look of wood, with all of the texture and detail that is naturally occurring. It has a classic but premium appearance; however, it won’t last long on its own. Which is why, so many of our clients have chosen to stain their wood surface. Using a professional wood stain is going to add extra life and vibrance to the material, without changing its natural charm. At the same time, it is going to help protect against moisture and staining, to extend the longevity of the material.

Wood Surface Painting

In some cases, you may like to have your wooden surface painted. For things like your backyard decking or perhaps, even your shed, it can be nice to add some bold color. But you need to make sure you are using an appropriate paint, in the correct method. Trust us for the job and that is exactly what you will get. Our team will use a specialist paint, which is going to add a thick and rich color, to any wooden surface. And, of course, it will be just as resistant to staining and moisture.