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Fence Painting and Staining

Having a fence around the perimeter of our homes means that we get to maintain our privacy. It makes our space feel much more like our own, however, it can often stick out and look out of place, from the rest of your property. Its nice to be able to bring it in line with the rest of the aesthetic of your home and make it complete the space, instead of being an eyesore in your yard. The best way for you to do that, is to give it some more personality, through fence painting or staining. Depending on the look you want to achieve, one of these could help make a huge improvement to your garden space. So, if you feel this service would help you, make sure you are working with the very best, at Missoula MT Painting Company.

Wooden Fence Painting

Wooden fences are by far the most common style, on a residential property. The look of the wood can blend in with any backyard, fitting the trees and plants that you have. But it could be doing that even better, with the right choice of paint. By trusting the job to us, you will be able to choose from our many color and texture options, so you can create the look that you think is going to work best.

Wooden Fence Staining

On the contrary, you may prefer the look of the wooden material itself, with its natural patterns and textures. You may just be looking for the ways to highlight the good looks and make the material last longer. That is something you can do, by having the surface stained. We will be able to offer you various tones of stain, to produce a richer and healthier look in your fence. At the same time, it is going to help preserve the surface, by protecting it from the negative effects of the elements.

Metal Fence Painting

More common to commercial properties, metal fencing makes a thick and imposing perimeter. Sometimes, it is nice to give it a nicer and more attractive look. That is something, which can be done with a professional metal paint. You can count on us to be able to provide you with the paint you need, to apply a great look to your metal fence. The paint is going to bond strongly, last a significant amount of time and will help to preserve any metal surface, from things like rusting and becoming brittle.

Gate Painting

So many people have a gate at the front of their home, to keep their property nicely tucked away. Whilst a gate is place to maintain your privacy, it is still desirable to give it a good aesthetic. That is why so many choose to have their gate painted. No matter whether you have a wooden gate, a metal one or any other type of material, know that you can turn to us for the painting job. We will use quality paints, in the color of your choosing, to create a great look, that will sustain itself over a long time.