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Exterior Residential House Painting

Every one of us wants to make our homes look like the picture in our heads. For a house to really feel like home, it needs to reflect you and be something that you can feel proud to look at. To make that happen, you should be decorating it in the ways that create the image you want. There is no better way to do that, than through exterior house painting. You could add any color you want; preferably, one which brightens up your day, each time that you see it. So, if you are looking to add some more life and curb appeal to your property, you should hire professional painting services. At Missoula MT Painting Company, we can provide you with quality painting work, capable of achieving any aesthetic you have in mind.

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is a quick and easy way to overhaul your curb appeal. Whether you are adding a fresh, clean white color or you want to go for something more vibrant, it is going to make a big difference to your home. But to make sure you are getting the best job, make sure you are choosing our great services. We can provide exterior painting for all sorts of materials, from stucco and vinyl, to aluminum and even fiber cement siding. Whatever the needs of your home, you can guarantee we will find the ways to achieve it.

Surface Preparation

For all of our customers, we want to be able to produce the very best quality job, every time. To ensure that all of the painting work is going to be successful and last you a long time, we put a lot of importance on our preparation work. Any cracking or peeling areas will be sanded down and smoothed over, primed and ready for paint to be applied. Or, if there is any chalking on your walls, we will be sure to properly wash it away and apply a sufficient coat of new paint, to create an even look all over.


Your walls are going to be the most important part of the painting job. There is nothing that makes more of a difference to your curb appeal, than the walls. So, it is only right that they are given the full focus and attention, in their painting. For the specific material, it is important that we find the appropriate paint, so it can hold and last for many years. So, when we come to paint your walls, we will always make sure we have the right supplies and importantly, in your favorite color.

Trim and Other Features

No good wall painting job is going to look effective, if the trim and additional features don’t match. That is why we take extra care with these areas, making sure they are all fully painted, with absolute precision. Also, if you would like any of your exterior doors, shutters, windowsills or anything else being painting, then we will be glad to do them.